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The missioninfo.xml file contains all information about the mission displayed to the players at the PVE mission location or the Mission Control Center.

File Definition

The file contents look like this:

    <DE>Erstes Blut</DE>
    <EN>First Blood</EN>
    <DE>In einem Asteroidenfeld haben die Piraten etliche Sonden versteckt. Finde alle Sonden und vernichte sie.</DE>
    <EN>In an asteroid field the pirates have hidden several probes. Find all probes and kill them.</EN>


The <Mission> node must contain the following subnodes:

  • <Id>. This is the unique Id of the mission. We propose to use a GUID here. If you plan to build a General Space Object (e.g. a station or base) where players can find your mission (besides the Mission Control Center), this is the Id which should be assigned to the PVE mission marker (the green question mark).
  • <Type>. The type of the mission according to the following list:
    • 0: Training
    • 1: Seek and Destroy
    • 2: Survival
    • 3: Urgent Transport
    • 4: Escort
    • 5: Defend Base
    • 6: Destroy Target
    • 7: Race
  • <Title>. The name of the mission. The title(s) must be placed inside a subnode each whichs name is the 2-letter ISO-Code for the language of the title. There must be at least an <EN> node, all other languages are optional.
  • <Description>. The short description of the story/objective of that mission. Works the same as the <Title> tag.
  • <NumberOfPlayers>. The number of players to play this mission cooperatively. 1 to 4.
  • <MaxShipsPerPlayer>. The number of ships each player can take into the mission. 1 to 8.
  • <MinimumLevel>. The level the player ships must have to join a lobby for that mission.