Texture Packs

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This article is still work in progress. Here's some quick start info:

- Texture packs must be placed as .zip files in the /texturepacks folder of the game directory.

- They must contain the folder /textures, which has child folders according to the directory structure of the /textures folder of the game directory, e.g. /textures/blocks, /textures/items, etc.

- They can contain a file _name.txt in the root folder (next to the /textures folder), which contains a single line of text with the name of the texture pack. If not provided, the texture pack will display with the file name of the .zip archive.

- You can download a working texture pack here: [1]

It has all the standard textures in it, which are deployed with the regular game.

Note: In your custom texture pack, if you do not have a custom version of a texture (e.g. a single block) but want to use the original, it is better for the performance to not include a copy of the texture in your texture pack, but just leave it out.

- You can upload your custom texture pack to Steam Workshop via the Galactineers Object Editor. Use the Steam Workshop menu and then click Upload a texturepack.zip to Steam Workshop. A dialog will open to pick your file, and a second dialog will ask you for the texture pack name, and a preview picture and description for the Steam Workshop.