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Mission ZIP File

A new PVE mission can be created by adding a .zip file to the missions directory in the application or server folder. The .zip file must contain the following files:

  • loot.xml: An .xml file that defines the loot/reward for each player, when they win the mission (e.g. unlock ship modules, or gain ressources)
  • map.xml: An .xml file that contains the mission map. This is exactly the file saved from the Galactineers Editor
  • mission.php: A .php file which contains the script (e.g. triggers, commands, objectives) for your mission
  • missioninfo.xml: An .xml file which holds all info about the mission displayed ingame (e.g. number of ships, players, mission type and description)
  • picture.png: A .png image that is displayed in the mission description and lobby
  • shipdefinitions.xml: An .xml file containing all ship defintions (exported from the Ship Designer) needed for the mission, e.g. to be placed on the map or given as loot to the players)

Scripting & Debugging missions with the Visual Studio Add-In

You can use our Visual Studio Add-In to be able to create Galactineers mission projects, which will generate all files required for a mission. It also provides a T4 template to auto-generate PHP scripts from the map.xml and shipdefinitions.xml files, which you can include in your mission.php script. If you run the project from Visual Studio, it will launch a Galactineers instance to directly test your mission. If you have a PHP debugger installed for Visual Studio, e.g. Phalanger PHP Tools for Visual Studio, you can even debug it directly in Visual Studio. On our Visual Studio Add-In wiki page you can find more details and a tutorial video about how to use the add-in and to debug your missions.

Playing and deploying your mission live

To play your mission live, you need the .zip file placed in the missions directory of your game.

  • You can either create a General Space Object in the Galactineers Editor, containing a green questionmark with the Id corresponding to your missioninfo.xml file, and then search a place in a map to open a lobby at this question mark.
  • Or you can open a lobby for any installed mission in a Mission Control Center (Level 3 building), which you can either find on a map as well, or just build it whereever you like.

To get testing and scripting quickly, we propose the second approach. To deploy the mission via the Steam Workshop, we propose to build a space object (e.g. a station) as the known location for that mission.

  • In the Galactineers Editor you can upload your entirely compiled .zip file to the Steam Workshop.


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